Short Update!

Hi All, Sorry for the lack of updates 😦

been busy with assignments, projects and many more! i have alot alot of photos to upload to FB but there seems to be something wrong with my laptop’s sd card reader slot 😦

my dearest Evan will help me to post some photos on Fb onΒ  my behalf πŸ™‚ be patient, its going to be UP soon!

soo..Halloween is TODAYYY! the 31st of October! but i didnt go out to celebrate this time round as i had a test yesterday! pretty much stayed at home the whole day to mug mug & mug!

but..i am really looking forward to the month of December! as always, Dec is my fav mth esp to party, chillout w frens & let ur hair down!! & Christmas is my fave season of the year! you noe Xmas is near when you see STARBUCKS starting to come out with their christmas designs on their cups! *gonna get 1 of those takeaways for myself soon*

for this period of time i gotta cut down on sweet things cause its not doing any good to my gums 😦

now i know the importance of brushing & flossing properly!!!

i am pretty bored now so i came up with a things to do list by the end of the year:

1. go cycling at ECP

2. Fly Kite at Marina Barrage & have picnic!

3.Β  check out nice cafes/restaurants with a group of frens all over SG in a day! *already set a date for that!*

4. go Play nation to play Kinect

5. check out EM Bar at Robertson Quay πŸ™‚

6. go to someone’s else place for Xmas or Countdown Party! *not gonna have 1 at my place this timeΒ  round!*

7. save up money to buy Iphone 4s or 5 next year??

8. Have a sleepover and have a movie marathon in 1 night :p

9. Do something SWEEET for the boyfriend.

10.Β  Do something SPECIAL for my family :))))

thats all for now πŸ˜€




last night was a great night out for N380, from dining at Pasta Fresca to chilling out along boat quay & clinking of ribena bottles! 14th October will be a night that i will always remember! awesome group of people, good food & great view!! LOVE this photo taken by Jon with his newly bought DSLR πŸ™‚ the rest of the photos can be found on Jon’s FB!! πŸ˜€

A glimpse of Taiwan in pictures!

DSC02737   DSC02756 DSC03338 DSC03745

DSC03109 DSC03015 DSC02847 DSC03751

DSC02824 DSC02827 DSC02889   DSC03797

DSC02920 DSC02936 DSC02953 DSC03739

DSC02957DSC02971 DSC02975 DSC03700

  DSC03362 DSC03378 DSC03413 DSC03678

 DSC03426  DSC03447 DSC03460 DSC03682

DSC03450 DSC03462 DSC03461 DSC03651

DSC03525 DSC03569 DSC03610 DSC03632

second visit to taiwan & i enjoyed every single bit of it! πŸ™‚ me & bro went hunting for 50 LAN on our 2nd day of the trip & finally found it! 1 large cup of milk tea w pearls was simply AWESOME! its SOOO GOOD I TELL YOU. i got so many other things to say abt TAIWAN, wait for the next post! πŸ˜€

meanwhile, enjoy the peektures! HEEEE

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Although i didnt watch the entire NDP Parade on the TV but everyone was tweeting that this year’s NDP was one of the BEST! πŸ˜€ to start off my public holiday i had bfast with Joelle, Enyao & Mel at Bishan MAC! i was craving for macs big breakfast so we all decided to eat there.

never laughed so hard in a long time. haha. Enyao is hilarious as usual. *alot of inside jokes*

went to meet JX for some shoopping! bought my geeky specs at FAR EAST. yes my cg is going geeky for CHC 22nd Anniversary this Weekend! *can’t wait!* heees.

chilled at Starbucks for a bit then got hungry so we headed to Itacho Sushi at Bugis Junction for some sushi! tell you guys something i have learnt to appreciate raw salmon, sashimi you name it. all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. hahaha. (seriously, its a breakthrough!) LOL.
LOOK LOOK BELOW! awesome sushi alert! :DD a must try especially the mango rolll! *gosh it makes your mouth drool all over*
me & JX having fun with Lumix Pure Function before our sushi arrives! πŸ™‚ heh

we left for vivo to meet my parents & aunt to get some snacks for the gathering! wheee. didn’t take much peektures at the Sail but some shots of the Fireworks using my Lumix Fireworks Scene mode. (hands were shaky so i apologise for lousy quality boo)

So HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY Singapore! πŸ™‚

had a long night yesterday haha. aunt stayed over so we played card games & chatted till 230am!?

but was a fruitful day! wooo. looking forward to meetup with Joey tomorrow! πŸ™‚

day out with JX

went to eat at LENAS at Bugis Junction. ordered the set meal for two of us.

both of us had pasta! yummy yum yum πŸ™‚ then after that both of us wanted to go browhaus to pluck our brows but it was full 😦

so decided to try out Jean Yip’s plucking service! wasn’t too bad! i like πŸ™‚

we then headed to bugis to meet buddy Rei for some shopping! too bad no peektures taken with him 😦

after the short catch up, me & B headed back to my place for dinner & tv shows! hehe.

Looking forward to tmr cos its national day! πŸ™‚ gonna be another fruitful day yet!


i know it has been eons since i updated this space but i had to blog about this! HAHA.

i was mourning when i didn’t managed to get their tickets to TAB concert!

BUT..JAYESSLEE is coming to CHC during the weekend from 9-10th July! I plan to get their TWINS teeshirt too! i am a really big fan of them! they have been my inspiration right from the start πŸ™‚

recently, i watched their testimonial video on youtube and it brought me to tears. i want to share it with you guys here on my space πŸ˜€


another of their recent covers on their channel which i really like is called, Breakeven by the Script!

hope i can get up close with JS & show them my appreciation for their music! πŸ˜€ JS ALL THE WAY!! WOOO!

some updates about what i have been doing for the past few weeks:

i recently enrolled for part time studies at Kaplan after contemplating for really long. its gonna be tough come september cos studying & working at the same time is not my THING. seriously.

but i’m glad i dont have to go through this alone cos i have my good friend Evangelyn who will be taking the same degree as me! πŸ˜€

thank God for friends like her πŸ™‚

I WATCHED TRANSFORMERS in 3D last night!!!! one word: AWESOME

all you transformers fans, go watch it! i know everyone is comparing Rosie Huntington with Megan Fox but she is pretty charming in her own ways! i kinda like her though. be prepared the show is 2.5hrs long!

talking about american serials, i have been watching PRETTY LITTLE LIARS which was introduced by Joey! waiting for the latest episode of season 2 to be out! soooo addictive! its your typical chic flick but its super nice! abit of mystery & thriller involved!

if you like this kinda shows, you shld catch it!

alright, time for me to get ready! gonna head down to kallang leisure park for ice-staking with friends! i think the first & last time i ice-staked was when i was 12 yrs old! OMG. hope i don’t fall later & make a fool of myself oops!


Till then, BYE GUYS!


good times

just looking through some pictures that were taken last week during the mother’s day service & these are the few that i really like! πŸ™‚

looking forward to N380 Sentosa Outing at the end of the month! wooo, i always wanted to try the luge man! hope it will be worth the money!

& N380, so who is up for the taiwan trip at the end of the year? πŸ˜€ we will try to accommodate everybody!

hope to hear from you guys soon! loves.

KL Trip with Family :)

nothing beats spending time overseas with your loved ones especially during Mother’s Day Weekend! arrived KL at night and watched the election results live in my hotel room with everyone.

it was such an intense moment and we were all waiting for Aljunied GRC votes to be announced. even before the announcement,Β  there were massive tweets about George Yeo losing to Worker’s Party.

i was very sad of course cos Singapore had lost a great foreign minister and a well respected man.

now Aljunied GRC lies in the hands of the worker’s party for the next 5 years. we shall see what kind of plans they have to offer for the people πŸ™‚

enough of my election thoughts, here are some pictures we took during the trip! happy scrolling! :DD

here we are at a stretch of food stalls like simpang bedok which offers all kinds of food! we decided to try out this zhi char stall & it turned out prettty satisfying!

fave dish of all times – claypot tofu! AWESOMEE.

the rest of the photos can be found on faceboook! πŸ™‚

but before i end this post, i personally would like to appreciate my mom! she’s one of the most amazing woman anyone will ever know! she is strong willed, independent and very street smart.

she taught me how to stand on my two feet and fed me good food since i was a little girl =p

i must admit i do make her angry at times but deep down from the bottom of my heart, i love her VERY MUCH.

love love.

Life is Funny

have you ever crossed paths with someone but it was just not meant to be?

have you ever wished that special someone will say sweet nothings to you even when you least expected it?

or surprise you with gifts and candies.

i wish, i wish, i wish…

glad thatΒ a friend that has returned back for good. hoping that this friendship will last for eternity.

Easter Weekend!

Its Easter Weekend! how has your good friday been?

mine was awesome cos i went shopping & bought clothes for work! *beams with delight*

first photo taken with my family in the lift using my lumix! haha. HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY indeed!

we headed to ikea cause mummy had to buy some stuffs for the office!

look at damian! haha. Β he looks like he is going to the beach or something! LOL.

me & mummy under the sunlight! really love this shot. you can totally see my mum’s reddish hair colour! PRETTY.

before the easter service, met evan dear for a quick dinner at Fish & Co πŸ™‚ thankful for having her in my life, very blessed! love you dear! πŸ™‚

after the service, as usual the guys would be hungry. hahah. so head to Ichiban Sushi! i didnt eat of cos, was too full from my fish & co. look at the spread of food that ryan & nicky ordered. YUMS right?

Easter Sunday was spent with my loved ones! haha. went to HK cafe at katong village with JX then i introduced pave to JX πŸ™‚

and how can i go to pave without ordering this? =p

all these photos pretty much sums up my easter weekend! hope you guys had a great one as well! :DDD

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